45+ Best Thank You Note To Teacher (2023)

Writing a thank you note to educators who impacted your children’s lives is one of the most rewarding experiences. You can instantly make teachers feel more appreciated while developing a stronger educator-parent bond that can last years.

But how do I make the perfect thank you notes for my kids’ teachers?

The right way to make the perfect thank you notes is to consider the various elements that go into them. Making them genuine, heartfelt, and personalized is key, and highlighting their positive actions is a good start. These 30 excellent tips will help you create the best thank you notes for your kids’ teachers.

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  • 30 tips for writing a thank you note for educators
  • How to select the right topic for a thank you note
  • 5 examples of perfect thank you note to teachers
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30 quick tips when writing thank you notes for teachers

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1. The best tip for writing a thank you note is to make it as sincere as possible.

2. Focus on a theme or particular aspects to make them more meaningful.

3. Setting the right tone by addressing them by their official titles is key

4. One of the essential writing tips for thank you notes is to make them handwritten. The more genuine effort put into the note, the stronger the message’s impact.

5. Having a story blended into the thank you note about any challenges your child may have overcome with the teacher’s help will also help.

6. Have your kids play an active role in creating the thank you note. It will help make the note that much more memorable and personal.

7. Focus on starting with your children’s favorite teachers when writing thank you notes.

8. Compliment and thank positive traits or actions of the teacher that made you feel grateful.

9. You should ensure that each note is unique when given to teachers across subjects or grades. Have your kids make video notes and share them with their teachers.

10. Parents can focus on how a teacher’s action made them feel. E.g., Thank you for making me feel comforted when my child was going through a rough phase.

11. Focus on how the teacher’s action made a difference in your child’s life.

12. If your child found a new love for a subject or a topic, then focusing on that will also help. E.g. Mr. Park, your ability to simplify geometry made Johnny fall in love with the subject all over again.

13. Brevity is your friend when writing a thank you note. Keep notes concise and clear.

14. You can even opt for writing a thank you note from the point of view of your child.

15. Add a meaningful quote that matches what you are trying to convey through the note.

16. If they have been a role model to your child, mention that in the thank you note.

17. If you have noticed a tangible change in your child’s behavior, attitude, or grades, then mentioning that while crediting them is essential.

18. Thanking teachers for investing time and attention into your child’s development is also a good approach.

19. A life lesson that a teacher may have imparted on your child can be mentioned with gratitude.

20. Children can draw to express their gratitude towards teachers, which can be attached with the thank you note.

21. Don’t hesitate to write a thank you note for a teacher years after your child graduates. You can always thank a teacher now, even if they helped your child years prior.

22. Parents can also highlight specific traits of the teacher, such as patience, compassion, and approachability, and mention that in their notes.

23. Parents can also write a thanking a teacher note for their kids’ coaches. Specific areas where coaches helped can also be expressed through the note.

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24. Teachers are also instrumental in navigating the digital-physical hybrid learning paradigm. Mentioning how the teacher helped streamline learning for kids can also be a good strategy.

25. You can thank them for developing a relationship with your child, helping them develop a special bond with their teacher.

26. For teachers engaging with students online, you can share screenshots and pictures with thank you notes to personalize them further.

27. Appreciate their hard work and effort when writing the thanking a teacher note to share gratitude for their inputs.

28. For students who renewed their interest in a subject, thanking their teachers with a note explicitly mentioning that is also a good strategy.

29. Adding a small gift can also be a great way to end a thanking a teacher note.

30. Your closing notes are critical to perfect as well. They must be unique, impactful, and respectful while ending graciously.

Selecting the right topic for a thank you note

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Parents can personalize their thank-you notes by focusing on specific topics when preparing them. If you’re writing a thanking a teacher note for multiple teachers, it helps to mention more particular themes when developing them.

1. Teacher appreciation

You can write a thanking a teacher note appreciating their effort and guidance in improving outcomes for your child.

2. Story-based thank you note

Parents can mention anecdotes and stories of how the teacher helped their child through a challenging subject.

3. Improvement-related note

This is a perfect type of note if your child has improved in a particular subject or grade and can be personalized by mentioning their effort.

4. Unique aspects of class

Notes can also be designed to thank teachers for unique activities, books, or teaching approaches that educators may have used in class.

5 examples of perfect thank you note to send to teachers

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1. “Thank you, Mr. Harold, for everything you did this past year. Thank you for introducing us to a new way of looking at science and inspiring us to pursue our best selves constantly.”

2. “To Miss Fay – Thank you for supporting Jarod through grade 5 by introducing video lessons, interactive games, and fun exercises. He talks about your class every day!”

3. “Mrs. Jackson, I wanted to thank you for helping Susie be more confident in class. Thanks to you, she loved your group activities, and she’s more vocal in class.”

4. “Thank you so much, Mr. Johnson! Eric has been excelling at his math homework thanks to the tips you shared in class about long division.”

5. “Thank you, Miss Jones, for recommending me to take reading lessons to improve my vocabulary. Thank you for helping me throughout the year. – Signed J.R. (4th grade).”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a thank-you note?

It is important to focus on making the thank you note specific and personalized to the teacher. Additionally, any important anecdotes or stories will make them more charming and personal.

When do I write a thank you note for a teacher?

Thank you notes can be shared at the end of a semester, a school year, or before graduation. It can also be written when celebrating an achievement, such as an improvement in a grade.

What is the best message for a teacher?

Anything that’s genuine, positive, and thankful for specific efforts will be the best message for a teacher.

What do you write on a teacher appreciation card?

Dear Teacher, you are excellent in your approach to teaching us about [subject]. You have also taught us the power of pursuing our best and shown us the importance of preparing for class beforehand – Signed [Name/Grade].

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