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Looking to write a thank-you letter to a teacher but not too sure how to start? Let’s go through some different types of thank-you letters and by the end you will be able to craft the perfect letter that your teacher or professor will love.

Thank-You Letters To Teachers

The impact teachers make on their students’ lives often go unacknowledged or even noticed when the focus is always on the next exam or grade level.

But it’s the little gestures on the part of the teachers that can make the difference for their students’ lives in the long run, and sending a thank you letter for those gestures and hard work can brighten a teacher’s day.

Why Write A Thank-You Note?

Thank a teacher for going the extra mile to help you with a project or skill. You can write a letter because your teacher put in a lot of hard work and time, or because it’s teacher appreciation week and you want to acknowledge the work they do all year long.

Teachers work an average of 53 hours per week with little recognition. They often use their own salary to cover supplies in their classrooms for special projects and activities in order to help the students learn and grow.

How to Write A Thank-You Note

Address the teacher

Start off by addressing the teacher directly with the proper prefix. Are they a Mr., Mrs., or Ms.?


When writing the greeting, start with “Dear” or “To” with their name, followed by a comma.

Why are you thankful?

Let your teacher know why you are thankful for what they helped you with. Did they stay with you after school to make sure you understood that math concept? Did they support you in a school event or activity? Did they cheer you on at your school basketball game?

Keep it authentic

Be honest and real about why you are writing the thank you note. Maybe you didn’t have the best work ethic at the start of the year and your teacher pushed you to work harder, be honest and state that.

Say thank you!

Even though it may be implied in the fact that you wrote something for your teacher, be sure that included within your letter are the words “Thank you.”


Finish off the letter with a closing. You can use “Sincerely,” “Warm regards,” or “All the best.”

Types of Thank-You Notes


Some students may want to draw a colorful message, or create a piece of art as a show of appreciation for their teacher.

Making comparisons.

Some thank-you letters to teachers capture classroom sentiments with sweet similes, for example: You make my day shine like millions of diamonds.

Memories from the beginning of the year

There are thank-you letters to teachers that reminisce about the beginning of the school year. For example, “When it was the first day, I was thinking you would be strict, but I was wrong!”

Future promises

Student thank-you notes may come with promises about the future, for example: “I’ll come visit you next year!” or “I’ll keep in touch after I graduate.”

Memorable classes

Students may want to highlight their most memorable classes, for example: “Our class party was so much fun.”

Reference milestones

In your thank-you note you may want to include reference to major milestones that we’ll remember too: “I wrote my first paragraph in your class”.

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Thank-You Notes From Parents to Teachers

Some parents would like to thank teachers on behalf of their child, they can do so by taking the time to explain why they are grateful for all of the teacher’s efforts.

Here is an example template to use when writing a thank-you letter for your child’s teacher.

“Dear Ms. Cambell,

Thank you so much for spending extra time after school helping (child) with his/her Science questions. We are pleased to see how much more confident (s)he’s grown as (s)he gets higher and higher grades on each test. You’ve made a huge impact on his/her success!

All the best,

Mrs. Smith, (Child)’s Mom”

Types of Thank-You Notes for Professors

Letter of appreciation

Write a letter to your professor to thank them for the extra effort they put in to ensuring your success.

Thank you for sponsorship

This could be sponsorship for an internship you needed for your studies. Let them know what lessons you took away from that experience, as well as the specific ways they helped you.

Thank you for your contribution to my life

How did the knowledge you learned from this professor’s class contribute to the life you have now?

Thank you for teaching me thoroughly

Thank your professor for the depth in which they taught you and for the way they helped you dissect information in class.

Thank you for your effort

If there was an area you struggled in but the effort on the teacher’s part helped you overcome that struggle, then you should thank them for it.

Thank you for scholarship referral

If your professor has written you a scholarship referral, send them a thank-you letter.

How to Structure the Letter

Address the teacher directly

When you write your professor a thank-you letter, be sure to address them directly.

Keep it to the point

By writing a lengthy message your point may get lost in what you wrote. Keep your thank-you letter short and to the point.

Write the letter by hand

By writing the thank-you letter by hand, you are showing that you took the time and effort to craft this letter.

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Tips and Tricks for Writing a Thank-You Letter

Use one format

Use the same format you would as writing a letter, and stick with that format throughout.

Be short and sweet

No need to drag the letter out, know why you are thanking the teacher or professor and stick to that.

Be respectful

The language in your letter should be polite, respectful, or considerate in your manner.

Don’t exaggerate, keep it simple

There is no need to over-embellish your gratitude or what you are thankful for. A simple note, even with one or two lines can be very heartfelt and well received.

Thank-You Letter Examples

Example 1:

As Mary’s English teacher you have been such an amazing support and mentor for her. Thank you so much for all the time, energy and creative efforts you have put into the class to ensure the students had a wonderful time learning. You have inspired Mary to take up reading as a hobby in a way she never has before. I am sure she will always look back at this time in her life and remember you as being one of her most important teachers. We definitely will!

Example 2:


I would like to thank you for your patience with me this year. Thank you for your time. Thank you for helping me with my homework each time I asked for it, no matter how busy you were at the moment. Thank you for sitting with me and listening to me when I had no one else to turn to. You were my biggest cheerleader and support and I will never forget you for that. Thank you for explaining things to me 20 different ways until I finally understood. Thank you for pushing me to do my best. Thank you for being my teacher.

Joanne (Year 11)


Teachers dedicate so much of their lives to their students and their students’ success. To say thank you for all that they do to ensure you are able to move forward in your educational journey, write them a meaningful thank-you letter.

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